New Place “Shadowfall”


Hey guys! If you check your map there will be a new place Shadowfall. Here is a picture if you haven’t unlocked the chapter 2 yet.


Here is how it looks if you unlocked it yet.


Well! Thats it.

10 Responses

  1. Okay,but were can you find it.

  2. when you cohse evil it doesnt unlock

  3. choose*

  4. hi can you meet me at battleon pet shop Zhoom tonight like 10 o clock i can get you good armour if you want

  5. how to unlock gravelyn quest on shadowwall

    Lordoc:: Whats, Shadowwall???

  6. Where can i find the shadow fall?

  7. you type in /join shadowfall

  8. ??????????????????

  9. Is there a good version of shadowfall because i chose good and now i can’t buy anything there.

  10. wow guys have you EVER been so stupid? in first place u are when log in click story and follow up then chose evil and then Drakath kills Sculupter and his sole being reaches the far beyond and then talk to the king he will put it on ur map……..IDIOTS

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