Chapter Two Unlock able


Hey! Just to inform you that Chapter 2 is now released. You only have to go and defeat Sepulcher. It will be easy, trust me I defeated him my self. Here is a picture, Oh and if you are a good character you can just do it all over and become evil and access that evil shop.

3 Chapters

11 Responses

  1. can u get sepulchers armour and class?

  2. Only his Sword. But you need coins and buy it.

  3. umm…i have finished it and watched how drakath killed sepulcher…but how do i unlock chap. 1 and 2…and how to get to shadow fall cause all i can see there is a square box with a question mark…pls help

  4. you already did. It takes time don’t worry. If u finished watching all the clip, than your done man. Feel free to come here again!

  5. leah9316 i had the same problem this is what you do to get to shadowfall if you are evil you say ”/join shadowfall

  6. how do you get to castle not undeadcastle

  7. *castleundead

  8. after i wacht the film in swordheaven with the king the screen went black i left it four a hour and nuthing happend

  9. what do you do to unlock shadow fall???

  10. how can i kill the grand inquisinitor

  11. what is the strong glitch

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