Clan Updated


Hey! I have organized everything so our clan goes well. If you are a member of the clan you can go check the clans page. The page is for members of the clan. Once you have joined you need to check your E-mail because I will send you the E-mail that contains the password of the page. Once you have gotten the E-mail you can go and check the page. Uniform for members and Non members. So, Please join and  have a nice day.

PS: You must be level 10+ to join

9 Responses

  1. I’ll join. Ummm you didn’t tell what to put so I’ll just put some info down

    Username: Vicxyz
    Level: 14
    Ranks: Warrior Rank 10, Ninja Rank 7 DragonSlayer Rank 6 Healer Rank 5 Rogue, Mage and Rustbucket Rank 4

  2. this site is cool ill be coming here again

  3. its hard to kill the red dragon 8 times i need help:(

  4. im level 7 but strong i am a meber and want to join clan

  5. im a lv 14 rank 9 healer and dragonslayer ranlk 7 warrior can i join

  6. i am level 8 im strong and got the phoniex blade

  7. ammm i am lvl q my username is:posyong

  8. my email is and im a lvl 15 evil sided player, can i join? my username is supertal10.

  9. im linku level 16 player i beat the red ragon 8 or more times and i also got every achevement and i do not have membership

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