Newest Member


YO! The newest member of the clan is ChiChi2197, I think ChiChi should be a Leader because I know him since long time ago. I am waiting for my Other best friend Shmirgin, He has not come to AQWorlds for long time since we both became level 20 same day.


Also, Its imposible for me to make it to 10,000,000 Gold. Once you get a Burn it down they dont give you 200,000, The give you like 12500.

6 Responses

  1. lol finally a pic of me and you and then its u and shmirgin

  2. Actually you get 12,500

  3. Thats What I said.

  4. Okay…. Can you meet me 😀 ?

  5. Also you do have Jack’s spear? I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to get it and no luck 😦

  6. Hey lordoc 😀

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