Is It Posible?


Is It posible you can get more than 2,000,000 gold on AQWorlds? Well! Lets see if its true by taking a look at this picture. This is not a fake! Its true.

Is that cool or what? I will go spend it in everything!!!! I am just kidding. I wan tot reach to 10,000,000 Maybe I can. Who knows!

4 Responses

  1. I thought you could only get up to 2 million gold. How did you get that much money anyways?

  2. i wont a dragonamulet

  3. lol am never gonna get that much

  4. how did you get that?

    Lord: Well, If you went to Portalundead, you do a mission called Fire Gem, when u finished it gives you a sword called Bur It Down. Back then it was worth 200,000, but now its worth 12,500. I am really disappointed I didnt show you guys this sooner.

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