Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!




Evil Lord of the Shadowscythe

Still pretty funny for a.. you know… undead guy.

Friday the 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!
It all starts at dusk…. only one will survive. 
Be a part of it history as this will be the most important release in AQWorlds history. On Friday the 13th, Sepulchure’s undead flying fortress will strike the capital. The final battle between good and evil will take place ending in an epic duel with only one survivor. The main villain will be finally be revealed and you will learn Sepulchure’s most well kept secret. Brace yourselves… our world will never be the same after this! Read the Design Notes for more…..

Un-Live Play by Play
10:30am – The undead all suddenly stop moving and look towards the giant flying fortress above Swordhaven. It appears as if they are getting new commands. 
11:30am – The Knights of the Pactaganal Table arrive in Swordhaven. They take up defensive position within the Castle.
12:30am – Even though the Knights still have a warrant for her arrest, Robina the Hood has been granted entrance into the castle. She now stands ready to fight the undead with her magic arrows!
1:30pm – King Alteon delivers a motivational speach to his brave forces entitled, “Good shall overcome evil!”. Meanwhile, laughter can be heard echoing from the flying undead dragon castle in the sky above. The sun starts to decend…
2:30pm – The undead move into attack position. Unable to flee the city, the children and townsfolk take shelter in the Inn. Sepulchure watches from the Balcony as his plan unfolds exactly as expected.
3:30pm – Unrelated to the events happening in Swordhaven…. many WIERD things are happening. It really is Friday the 13th….
4:00pm – IMPOSSIBLE! The size of the undead army has more than trippled. It is like a giant wall of undead completely surrounding the castle!
4:30pm – Artix has taken a stance in Swordhaven where he can defend the people in the Inn and watch the gate. There is no way he can cover that much ground, there are just too many undead. He is going to need your help when the battle starts! 
5:30pm – The Sun touches the tree tops… dusk is almost here. Sir Render swallows hard and prepares himself for tonights final battle. He remembers his home in Oaklore, his friends, and everything he is fighting for… 
6:15pm – Dusk….. Sepulchure checks over his vast army of undead one final time. 
6:30pm – Prepare for server restart. Files are rolling.


Watch the Video

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