Good Shop


Hello ppl from aqworlds. I want to tell you that you need to become good again to access the good shop and buy the other new stuff. Just click the book on your Toolbar at the bottom. then do the quests from Chapter 1-3 or something. The items are so cool, You need to try this.


Tell You How Much You Gain

Hello Guys, 

This is just a little quit cheat for you that AQWorlds released. This tells you how much EXP, REP, or Gold you have gained. I dont really know about gold because I don’t get Gold and Exp. But here it a picture.


This works anywhere! but you need to kill monsters.

Aslen & TJ R Awesome

Hey guys, Guess what. I was posting that last post at the bottom of this page. When I come back I see lots of letters on the Corner. They where like, Oneurt! Wake up. Then I see them Close to the door with their swords. That was so awesome. I wasn’t equipped but I equipped 10 seconds later. They also told me to stand in the middle. Here is the picture that will go on the darkness page.


Ps. I did not planed this.

Character’s Page


Hello! New update WOOT WOOT! Anyways, If you go to your friend list and you click your friends name you can see it!!!! Anyways, its gonna take you to a page that needs to load in a different tab or window. You can see your friends character. Here are two examples of my character Lordee.


Now! I will show you something I found out my self. You see the link on the top? It will end with the character’s name you are looking. Just delete the name carefully and type someones else name. I typed Artix and it worked! Here it is.


Here is how your link would look.


New Place “Shadowfall”


Hey guys! If you check your map there will be a new place Shadowfall. Here is a picture if you haven’t unlocked the chapter 2 yet.


Here is how it looks if you unlocked it yet.


Well! Thats it.

Chapter Two Unlock able


Hey! Just to inform you that Chapter 2 is now released. You only have to go and defeat Sepulcher. It will be easy, trust me I defeated him my self. Here is a picture, Oh and if you are a good character you can just do it all over and become evil and access that evil shop.

3 Chapters

Clan Updated


Hey! I have organized everything so our clan goes well. If you are a member of the clan you can go check the clans page. The page is for members of the clan. Once you have joined you need to check your E-mail because I will send you the E-mail that contains the password of the page. Once you have gotten the E-mail you can go and check the page. Uniform for members and Non members. So, Please join and  have a nice day.

PS: You must be level 10+ to join