20 Responses

  1. hi can u plss… upgrade me pls…

  2. Is there any site where you can get free gold on your aqworlds account like in club penguin the penguin gold site where it gives you free coins on your account

    p.s. it gives you over 200000 coins

  3. hello how get PTR server and hi for members ????

  4. Ok if you need a free member ship tell me your password and username and sent me an email on denis_canada@mail.ru ok i will give you member ship and you can’t go on your account for 3 days. You will get what you want. Write the stuff that you want to have and and how match coins you what to. bye for know

  5. my user perofeta and my password is tyler415

  6. my user gothiscinsan and pass keithwong

  7. me want 1 year membership
    and the extra 5,000 aq coins

  8. that guy that wants your user and pass. just wants it to use your account to steal your gold or whatever so dont give it to him!!!

  9. i real need 1 year membership with extra 5000 ACs my user is jefkin my pass is loser

  10. /join grenwog-3243534

  11. I want free membership plz username is Zenith X and Email is dequawnalston@yahoo.com i want dark moglin pet and cloak of shadows

  12. justin bieaber baho olok ew vyuk

  13. i need money and member please i got so weak

  14. i want baby red dragon

  15. Name: TheDarkDealer
    E-Mail: klaas-janboon@live.nl
    Please give me member

  16. my username is RaiderAce……password is coolhairstyle……plz…give me dark moglin pet…..phoenix armour………………

  17. Dont give your passwords they will change your password…

  18. I want free membership plz my username is :Oragorn_95 and password is :silver

  19. hy.. are you really can make me a member??
    if yes please mail me.. muhammad_nik03@yahoo.com

  20. Giving away level 18 account give me a level 18 back plz

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